Puppy Application

Your first step to your new little furry family member. 🙂
Note: There are 3 pages, Please Read the “Puppy Buying Process” then complete the entire application and click submit on the last page when done. 
You will receive an email copy of the agreement at the address listed.
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Purchasing Questions:

Do you understand that we always reserve the right to keep first and second pick puppies from a litter if we feel these puppies have Service or show potential? *
Do you plan on picking up your pup (driving) or having us ship your pup to you? *
Which airport is the closest to you?
Number of Members in your family?*
Do you have children? (please include ages)*
Are all members of your household away during the day?*
If so, what provisions will you make for your puppy at that time?
Does anyone in your family suffer from allergies?*
Does anyone who lives in your home, or who is a frequent visitor, a smoker?*
Do you own a swimming pool?*
If you own a swimming pool, is it fenced separately from the yard, with no entrance under it?
Have you put a deposit on a puppy with anyone else at this time?*
If so who?
Do you own your own home or do you rent?*
If you rent, does your landlord allow dogs?
Have you owned a dog before?*
What breed/type did you own and what happened to it/them?
Do you currently have any pets (list types and ages)?*
Will they adapt to another animal in the family?
How did you decide on a Golden Retriever?*
Why do you want a puppy?*
Where will your dog live, sleep, eat, and play?*
Do you have a fenced yard, or fenced exercise play area for your dog?*
If not, are you willing to construct one of these before puppy comes to live with you?
Do you understand that Goldens thrive on human attention and cannot be isolated from the rest of the family?*
Do you understand that a puppy purchased from us must be a part of the family and not be a dog that lives outdoors all the time?*
Do you agree that if you are unable to keep your puppy or dog, you need to contact Danfords Goldens to assist finding a new home*
All our puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts. Are you comfortable spaying/neutering your golden?